EWSN 2016

International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks

February 15. – 17. 2016, TU Graz, Austria

Tuesday, 16.02.2016


Main conference track: dependability special session

(Location: Rechbauerstraße 12, 8010 Graz)
Chair: Kay Römer
Opening Words by the Rector of TU Graz
Opening Words by the General Chair
Opening Words by the Program Chairs
"Dependable Wireless Control through Cyber-Physical Co-Design"
Chenyang Lu
Dependability competition: awards and presentations of winners
Chair: Carlo Alberto Boano
Coffee break
Session 1: Dependability (full papers)
Chair: Olga Saukh

Adaptive Transmission Scheduling for Energy-Aware Real-time Wireless Communication

Arda Gumusalan, Robert Simon and Hakan Aydin

Predictable MAC-level Performance in Low-power Wireless under Interference

Mathieu Michel, Thiemo Voigt, Nicolas Tsiftes, Luca Mottola and Bruno Quoitin

Thingtegrity: A Scalable Trusted Computing Architecture for Resource Constrained Devices

Tobias Rauter, Andrea Höller, Johannes Iber and Christian Kreiner

Main conference track: short papers and poster & demo sessons

(Location: Rechbauerstraße 12, 8010)
Session 2: Short papers
Chair: Luca Mottola

Simulating Intermittently Powered Embedded Networks

Muhammad Hamad Alizai, Qasim Raza, Yasra Chandio, Affan A. Syed and Tariq M. Jadoon

Simultaneous Acoustic Localization of Multiple Smartphones with Euclidean Distance Matrices

Seyed-Mohsen Moosavi-Dezfooli, Yvonne-Anne Pignolet and Dacfey Dzung

PKF-ST: A Communication Cost Reduction Scheme Using Spatial and Temporal Correlation for Wireless Sensor Networks

Yanqiu Huang, Wanli Yu and Alberto Garcia-Ortiz

Implementation of an energy management control strategy for WSNs using the LINC Middleware

Maria Isabel Vergara Gallego, Olesia Mokrenko, Maxime Louvel, Suzanne Lesecq and François Pacull

TRAIL: Topology Authentication in RPL

Heiner Perrey, Martin Landsmann, Osman Ugus, Matthias Waehlisch and Thomas C. Schmidt
Poster & Demos 1-Minute Madness Session
Chairs: Luca Mottola and Olaf Landsiedel

Poster: Towards an Ultra-wide Band Sensor Network for Aircraft Applications

Daniel Neuhold, Jorge Friedrich Schmidt, Udo Schilcher, Günther Brandner, Christian Bettstetter, Jirka Klaue and Dominic Schupke

Demo: Topological Robustness of RPL with TRAIL

Martin Landsmann, Peter Kietzmann, Thomas Schmidt and Matthias Wählisch

Poster: Approximation: A New Paradigm also for Wireless Sensing

Thiemo Voigt, Magnus Själander, Frederik Hermans, Alexandra Jimborean, Erik Hagersten, Per Gunningberg and Stefanos Kaxiras

Poster: Maxima estimation in spatial fields by distributed local polynomial regression

Reiner Jedermann, Henning Paul and Walter Lang

Demo: SecureFlex - A Flexible System for Security Management

Christina Leitner, Thomas Schnabel and Helmut Neuschmied

Demo: Dead Reckoning for Monte Carlo Localization in Low Seed Density Scenarios

Arne Bochem, Andreas Zdziarstek, Salke Hartung and Dieter Hogrefe

Demo: Design and Evaluation of Underground Wireless Sensor Networks for Reforestation Monitoring

Martin Gellhaar, Jens Dede, Hartmut Koehler and Anna Förster

Poster: Integrating rich user interfaces with real systems

Laurent-Frederic Ducreux, Maxime Louvel, François Pacull and Maria Isabel Vergara Gallego

Demo: Ball and plate Wireless Control

Maxime Louvel, François Pacull and Maria Isabel Vergara Gallego

Poster: Affordable Acoustic Modem for Small-Sized Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Christian Renner, Erik Maehle and Alexander J. Golkowski

Demo : TWIN Node, A Flexible Wireless Sensor Network Testbed

Idrees Zaman, Jens Dede and Anna Förster

Demo: Deploying a Drone to Restore Connectivity in a WSN

Thuy Truong, Ken Brown and Cormac Sreenan

Demo: A high-performance, energy-efficient node for a wide range of WSN applications

Federico Terraneo, Alberto Leva and William Fornaciari

Poster: Programming Support for Time-sensitive Software Adaptation in Cyberphysical Systems

Mikhail Afanasov, Luca Mottola and Carlo Ghezzi

Demo: Terra - Scripting customized components for Wireless Sensor Networks

Adriano Branco, Noemi Rodriguez and Silvana Rossetto

Demo:Wearable Sensor System for Human Biomechanics Monitoring

Atis Hermanis, Ricards Cacurs, Krisjanis Nesenbergs, Modris Greitans, Emil Syundyukov and Leo Selavo

Demo: Towards a MAC protocol App Store

Jan Bauwens, Bart Joortis, Eli De Poorter, Peter Ruckebusch and Ingrid Moerman

Poster: System Architecture for Programmable Connected Devices

Maria Laura Stefanizzi, Luca Mottola, Luca Mainetti and Luigi Patrono

Poster: Towards a Secure, Resilient, and Distributed Infrastructure for Hydropower Plant Unit Control

Andrea Höller, Johannes Iber, Tobias Rauter and Christian Kreiner

Poster: Dronemap - A Cloud-based Architecture for the Internet-of-Drones

Basit Qureshi, Anis Koubaa, Mohamed-Foued Sriti, Yasir Javed and Maram Alajlan

Poster: ContikiMAC, some critical issues with the CC2420 radio

Marie Paule Uwase, Maite Bezunartea, Jacques Tiberghien, Jean-Michel Dricot and Kris Steenhaut

Demo: ’Funkdebugger’ - A failure analysis framework for industrial wireless communication systems

Ulf Wetzker

Poster: Building a Stairway to Centralised WSN Control

Pablo Corbalan, Victor Cionca, Ramona Marfievici, Donna O'Shea and Dirk Pesch

Poster: Single Transmission Link Estimation

Camilo Rojas, Damien Piguet and Jean-Dominique Decotignie

Poster: Efficient Power Control Based on Interference Range in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Junmei Yao, Wei Lou and Chao Yang

Poster: 3D Virtual Disaster Management Environment using Wireless Sensor Networks

Anis Zarrad and Anis Koubaa

Demo: IoT Meets Robotics - First Steps, RIOT Car, and Perspectives

Hauke Petersen, Cedric Adjih, Oliver Hahm and Emmanuel Baccelli

Demo: Fine-tuned Lighting Control Leveraging Smartphone-based Occupancy Detection

Alexander de Moes, Jens Joachim Pedersen, Chayan Sarkar and R. Venkatesha Prasad

Poster: Distance Estimation Modelling in High Performance Localization System (HPLS)

Michal Marks, Andrzej Sikora and Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz

Poster : A Software Framework for Easy Peripheral Control Programming in Diverse Hardware Platforms

Kwang-Il Park, Jong-Ha Shin, Jin-Hae Lee and Seong-Eun Yoo

Demo: Eavesdropping on PolyPoint: Scaling High-Precision UWB Indoor Localization

Benjamin Kempke, Pat Pannuto, Bradford Campbell, Joshua Adkins and Prabal Dutta

Demo: Event Localization using Instagram

Prasanna Giridhar and Tarek Abdelzaher

Poster: Detection of Wormhole Attack on Wireless Sensor Networks in Duty-Cycling Operation

Takashi Minohara and Kyosuke Nishiyama

Poster: RI-MAC Enhancements for Interference Resilience

Alex King and Utz Roedig
Poster & Demos
(coffee is served)
End of poster & demos

Guided tour and dinner

Graz guided tour - meeting point in front of Town Hall, Hauptplatz 1, 8010 Graz
Reception and dinner at the "Grazer Burg" with the Styrian State Government - Hofgasse 15, 8010 Graz

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